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Both of our Original Blends are now available.

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce & Sweet Heat BBQ Rub

All Natural Ingredients, No HFCS in our Sauce and No MSG in our Rub

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Sweet Heat
Our Original BBQ Rub

This is an excellent rub for ribs, pork shoulder, brisket and more. This rub creates a beautiful bark on your meats while adding a subtle kick of spice at the end.

Sweet Heat
Our Original BBQ Sauce

This is more than gourmet; it is a revolutionary All Natural barbecue sauce. This sauce will replace your old sauce with a fighting flare of purpose. When you dream at night this is what barbecue sauce looks and tastes like. The rich full-bodied, sweet and spicy flavors stand out like no other. This sauce will liberate your taste buds.

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