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Barbecue Products

Barbecue Products

About Sovereign Smoke

Founded in December of 2019 and we launched our first product in September of 2020.


We are located in Buffalo Minnesota. Currently we do not have a storefront. We are actively seeking local and national stores that are interested in selling our products. If you have a request for a location that you think would be a great place to offer our products please contact us. We are taking requests from stores to do product demonstrations. Please ask your local butcher shop or grocery store to reach out to us for details.

Sweet Heat, Our Original BBQ Sauce and Rub are currently our first two food products we have available on the market. We do plan to launch more sauces and dry rubs in the following months. Our Signature Hand Forged BBQ Knife set was our first manufactured products that we have available. We now have our hand forged meat cleaver and brisket knives available and soon many more items.


A message from Greg Laney owner of Sovereign Smoke:

With my experience and my passion for working with my hands it’s time for the next phase in life. I am proud to introduce to you my new adventure Sovereign Smoke LLC.

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. I had big dreams of owning my own business when I grew up, a business that I could use my hands and craft items people would desire and love. When I was twelve years old I started working as an apprentice at my Uncle’s machine shop. I worked with my hands, on manual machines and I learned the craftsmanship of how to transform metal into gears and shafts. The products I helped create were used to keep the motors and machines turning in the great industries of our Nation. After high school I moved to the Twin Cities and attended trade school for CNC machining. I worked full time as a machinist through trade school and started my young family.

Through the years my career has been in the machining industry up through my current years as a Manufacturing Engineer. Working hard and creating quality product is very important to me. I take pride in all things that I do including the things I do to have fun. In my free time I love grilling and smoking meats for my family and friends. I love hearing my friends tell their friends and neighbors about how amazing the food was that I served them.


I am over 40 years old now with over 25 years of experience working with metal and over 20 years of creating amazing food. In this new adventure, Sovereign Smoke, I will use my vast experience creating products out of metal to build custom tools and equipment that you will enjoy for a lifetime. My love for great food that pleases all of your senses has inspired me to develop Barbecue Sauces and dry Rubs for everyone to enjoy. My introductory product, Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce, comes from this experience.

It has been a dream my entire life to run my own business. Now it is time for me to personally pursue my happiness. My personal motto that I have always tried to live by is to be responsible for my own actions and to pursue the dreams I desire. I started working on setting up Sovereign Smoke near the end of 2019. My business plan is to grow Sovereign Smoke by gaining regional name recognition by letting my products speak for themselves. The next phase of my business is in parallel with getting my food products into retail and grocery stores is to branch out into catering services.


Many businesses have failed but the thing is, I will never be able to say I did not try to pursue my dreams. With the loving support of my family and amazing friends, now is the time to make this dream a successful reality.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sovereign Smoke. I look forward to helping you receive superior or the greatest barbecue products you own and use.”

~ Greg Laney

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