Barbecue Products


Barbecue Products

Our Mission: We will work with you to create Barbecue and Smoking products that you love to use and share with your family and friends.

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Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to learn about Sovereign Smoke and our products.

Sovereign Smoke is located in Buffalo MN. Our products are made locally and will always be made in the United States. We are proud of our first products, Original Sweet Heat products: BBQ Sauce & BBQ Rub.


Our Original Sauce or Rub can currently be found at our growing list of Retail Partners. We do not have or own storefront. We welcome you to click on the Order Now button below or you can learn more about our products and our business plan by clicking the About Sovereign Smoke button. If you are a retail store and interested in purchasing our products at wholesale pricing please visit our RANGEme page. We are actively seeking new retail partners.

Greg Laney (Owner of Sovereign Smoke)


About   Sovereign Smoke

Barbecue Products

A message from Greg Laney owner of Sovereign Smoke:

With my experience and my passion for working with my hands it’s time for the next phase in life. I am proud to introduce to you my new adventure Sovereign Smoke LLC.

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. I had big dreams of owning my own business when I grew up, a business that I could use my hands and craft items people would desire and love. When I was twelve years old I started working as an apprentice at my Uncle’s machine shop. I worked with my hands, on manual machines and I learned the craftsmanship of how to transform metal into gears and shafts. The products I helped create were used to keep the motors and machines turning in the great industries of our Nation. After high school I moved to the Twin Cities and attended trade school for CNC machining. I worked full time as a machinist through trade school and started my young family. For fun I have always enjoyed grilling and smoking foods.


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We are very proud to be offering our first products:

Our Original BBQ Sauce, Sweet Heat.

Our Original BBQ Rub, Sweet Heat.

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